Chrysler 300 Brings Style and Grace to the Manufacturer Lineup This Year

For those who are shopping for a new vehicle this year, there is a lot to consider. Many manufacturers have given their most popular vehicles a facelift to freshen up the market. The Chrysler 300 is one of these vehicles.

Getting a slightly different twist on the old exterior design, you'll still be able to spot a 300 from a mile away. The new design is much more sporty than previous years. Even the front grille has received some updates. More options than ever are available. There are nine different wheel options, LED headlights and fog lamps and self-leveling headlights. This means that your vehicle's headlights will always be pointing outwards at the right angle to see the road in front of you. You'll love the slightly boxier style with a sporty wing on the back end.



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