Can a Faulty Transfer Case Cause Hard Shifting?

If your car or truck can shift from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive on demand, it probably has a transfer case installed. Transfer cases are special gearboxes that convert rotary motion from your main transmission into torque for all four wheels. Most car designs allow drivers to activate transfer cases from inside their vehicles, usually by way of electronic switches or manual gear levers.

Under normal circumstances, gear shifts from two-wheel to four-wheel drive happen smoothly. As transfer cases age or sustain internal damage, the shifting mechanisms can clash or seize up. If allowed to continue, this clashing can threaten the health of the entire transmission.

Luckily, transfer case and gear-shifting issues are easily resolved by our experienced transmission specialists. Whether you have electronic or manual models, our staff members have the training and equipment to precisely identify transmission faults. If your gearbox is causing you problems, swing by our Twin Falls, ID location today for a no-obligation visit.

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